Hurricanes All-Star Chef Series | Tuesday, December 11th @ 7PM
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Toronto Maple Leafs | Pre-Game Tasting Begins at 5PM
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Unfortunately, the December 11th All Star Chef Series event has been postponed.
Further details for those that have previously purchased tickets will be communicated shortly via email.
Lower Level South:
Allison Daniel
Section 123, Row P, Seats 8 to 9
Bethany Davoll
Section 129, Row N, Seats 3 to 4
Eric Carroll
Section 124, Row VV, Seats 21 to 22
Michael Callahan
Section 123, Row X, Seats 5 to 6
richard mitlehner
Section 129, Row R, Seats 3 to 4
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